Changes and improvements to Atomnet Electronic Mail

All SSL, all the time

You'll notice there's no more "recommended" secure connection when you sign in to Atomnet Electronic Mail. That's because all connections are now secured automatically. If you use a desktop mail application, make sure you have SSL or TLS security enabled, otherwise you may have trouble logging in.

Roundcube web interface

Atomnet Electronic Mail has a new web interface, based on Roundcube. This replaces the old SquirrelMail interface. It's designed to look and act much more like a desktop mail application. If you had contacts or settings saved in SquirrelMail, they'll be copied over the first time you log in.

Improvements to spam filtering

Messages from certain known spammers are now bounced automatically. Some users have had this feature for a long time now, and it's now rolled out to everybody. For most users, this will be an improvement and for some it will reduce the amount of spam they see dramatically. There is a small risk that legitimate mail may bounce on rare occasions. It's possible to opt out of this feature if that's a concern for you. Please contact the postmaster if you'd like to do that.

The server looks at all other incoming mail to decide whether it's likely to be spam (Internet junk mail). If you have a folder called "Spam", your likely spam messages will be delivered there instead of your INBOX. It's a good idea to look in your Spam folder from time to time to check whether any important messages ended up there by mistake.

If you don't have a folder called "Spam", all your messages will be delivered to your INBOX, even if they're junk. Feel free to create a Spam folder if you want one. Just make sure you call it "Spam" so the server will know what it's for. If you don't want your Spam folder, you can delete or rename it.

Message filters

You can now create message filters (rules) that run on the server. In the web interface, click 'Settings', then 'Filters'. Once set, filters will run automatically, even if you use a desktop application like Thunderbird to read your mail. If you need to change them, just log in to the web interface again.

Your filters run before the built-in spam filter. So you can set rules that override the spam filter if you'd like.

Mailbox and performance improvements

The mail store is upgraded. If you were experiencing slow performance with the old mail store, you should find that things are much better now. You can also create messages and subfolders in the same mailbox and will get instant notification of new messages if your mail software supports it.

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Contact the postmaster.